Individual expression is a crucial element in being a human. We

make hats over here at Blowfish Designs because adventures need

accessories. They are made in small batches in the USA with our

designs changing seasonally.

Signature Series

Our Flagship Product

Flat Brim Series

Hats where style and fashion become one.

Custom Caps

Design your own hats for your company or make a bunch of the same for friends, the options are endless

Baby Blowfish

Unique Caps for the little ones.

At Kickstand Coffee & Kitchen we wanted a hat that aligned with our passions. We love coffee, great food, donuts, and getting outside in the Columbia Gorge on our bikes. Chris and Erin listened to our design ideas, let us know what would work, and most importantly make our hats look great. We designed a series of hats, that we love to wear, and can’t keep on our shelves! If you are looking for a custom, creative hat in a timely manner, check out Blowfish Designs!

Nick Hardin

Owner, Kickstand Coffee and Kitchen

“The customers in Aspen are always looking for ways to be unique, and they have finally found that with the one-of-a-kind Blowfish trucker hats. Once they see the fun patterns and hear that it is owned and operated by a local couple, they try to figure out how many people they can buy one for! And the infant and toddler hats are a perfect go-to gift for any baby shower or birthday party. The only problem is that people love the patterns so much it takes them FOREVER to decide which one they love best. We love working with Erin and Chris!”

Maile Spung

SoftGoods Buyer, Ute Mountaineer

As a new craft distillery, we were looking for creative ways in which to get our brand out – Blowfish Designs offers unique hats with subtle brand recognition. Our guests can take a piece Marble Distilling Co. with them that fits their personality since all hats are essentially one of a kind. Chris and Erin are fantastic to work with – we have given them creative freedom from the get-go with hat styles (and now beanies!), design and fabrics to help us portray our brand in an artisan manner. Our Blowfish hats fly off our shelves!

Michelle Marlow

Owner, Marble Distillery

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Blowfish(Tetraodontidae) or puffer fish:

Puffers are able to move their eyes independently, and

many species can change the color or intensity of their

patterns in response to environmental changes. In these

respects, they are somewhat similar to the terrestrial chameleon.


Hand Stitched in the USA.