The classic trucker that started it all!


Our Signature Series is our flagship product.

Mass produced goods are…well, kinda boring. We don’t think it’s all that fun to pick a hat off a rack stacked with identical copies. We’re trying to change that.

This is our best selling hat line with each hat consisting of unique fabrics stitched on our signature style caps.   We use fabrics made by small textile designers and some fair trade and up cycled threads as well.  Our fabrics are always changing to keep it fresh.

Each hat is hand stitched (yes, by real human hands!!) and possesses some unique steez.   You will find the signature series hats on outdoor enthusiasts worldwide as they have graced many happy heads upon high mountaintops, windswept beaches, and local watering holes.  With each hat being one of kind we believe there is a hat out there for everyone.

Signature Series Trucker Hats

Hat Sizes

Size M


6 1/8 in – 7 1/8 in


19 1/4 in – 22 1/3 in

48.88 cm – 56.86 cm

Size L


6 7/8 in – 7 5/8 in


21 1/2 in – 24 in

54.86 cm – 60.85 cm