Blowfish began as a lifestyle in 2011.  When you live in a mountain town, everything revolves around a lifestyle.

The vision of Blowfish emerged with an annoyance of dorky hats, old dirty hats, hats caked in brand names & a strong desire to be creative.  They were 2 guys learning how to sew in their living room in between ski missions, climbing epics, and surf trips.  They sold them out of their backpacks and off the top of their heads.

It has evolved into husband and wife as the owners/designers with a small team of seamstresses in LA (the stitching queens!).  We source fabric directly from the designers, other small family businesses, or we custom design them ourselves.  We are also branching into connecting directly with small communities of textile makers to attain fair trade fabric and seeking scrap fabrics from larger companies.  We know there is a social responsibility in creating goods and we desire to keep our footprint low and our relationships traceable.

Our mission at Blowfish Designs is to create a product that has elements of being crafted by hand so it speaks to the wearers individual style.   By collaborating with other small crafters and businesses we design a product that is authentic…. together.   We believe in the value of authenticity in what we do, in what we make, and what we put out there to our world and to our local communities.  In short, Blowfish hats have a strong belief that having fun, being yourself,  supporting others and taking chances is what keeps all things in flow in this lifestyle we lead.

We are currently based just outside of Hood River, Oregon where the migrating Blowfish tries it’s gills out in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.